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Jews have always regarded

​Jews have always regarded Eretz Israel - the Land of Israel- Zion, and Jerusalem as their home, an object of yearning, and cause to support.

For the thousands of years which Jews have lived in Eretz Israel, their fellow Jews in the Jewish Diaspora have supported their communal institutions and sustained many of their endeavors.

From the late 19th century millions of Jews have immigrated - made aliya - to Israel.

Notwithstanding that they have had to continuously defend themselves against hostile neighbors, the citizens of Israel principally by their own efforts and initiative have created a vibrant, democratic and modern State. However, a lot of this success is due in no small part to the support Israel has received from Jews and non-jews alike across the world - people of good will- who are committed to the strengthening of the Jewish homeland.

Although the State of Israel is now stronger and more resolute than in its creation, there is still a lot to be done, not only to advance Israeli society in the fields of health care, social welfare, education, scientific/medical research, immigrant absorption, but particularly for the socially disadvantaged -the young, the elderly, the needy, the sick and the handicapped. 

For many years Jews and non-Jews alike have expressed their love and commitment to the State of Israel through their generosity and their support of projects and institutions in the fields of health, education, welfare, scientific and medical research and other humanitarian and charitable programs.

We have designed this site as a means to strengthen the bond between Israel and its many friends and supporters worldwide and serve as a guide as to how you can contribute to the development of Israel in order to fulfill the biblical prophecy of being light to the nations.

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