​The Israel Patent Office (ILPO) is the authority in Israel which provides legal protection of industrial intellectual property, through the registration of Patents, Designs, Trademarks and appellations of origin. The office is housed under the Ministry of Justice.


The granted right is subject to the examination of the application. This ensures that the exclusivity of the protection will not harm the legal rights of the general public.


In addition, the ILPO provides information and guidance to the public related to its functions and responsibilities  and in matters relating to patents, designs and trademarks.

The departments of the ILPO:



On-Line Free Databases

The ILPO provides free bilingual databases, both in Hebrew and in English, regarding patents, trademarks and designs:
• Trademarks Database: www.trademarks.justice.gov.il 

Patents and PCT

The Patents Department handles the examination of national and international patent applications, using E-filing capabilities. The ILPO receives international patent applications according to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) through the PCT Department.
In 2009 The ILPO was recognized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) as an International Search Examination Authority (ISA/IPEA) within the framework of the PCT. In 2012, following a preparation phase, the ILPO began acting as an ISA/IPEA for Israeli applicants. Currently the ILPO offers ISA/IPEA services to applicants from Israel, the US and Georgia.


The Trademarks Department handles national and international trademark registration applications under its capacity as a Receiving Office and an Office of Origin in accordance with the Madrid Protocol, using E-filing capabilities.


The Designs Department handles the registration of national design applications following a formal and substantive examination.

Legal Department

The legal department accompanies the work of the aforementioned departments.
The Commissioner of Patents, Designs and Trademarks is responsible for conducting legal proceedings, including appeals on examiners' decisions, objections to registrations and requests to cancel registered rights, in the fields of Patents, Designs and Trademarks.

ILPO's Contact Details:

• Website: www.patents.gov.il
• Address: Agudat Sport Hapoel St. 1, Jerusalem, 9695101, Israel
Technology Garden, Building No. 5, Malcha
• Telephone: +972-2-5651666