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Here is a list of the main offices with which the ILPO collaborates

The World Intellectual Property Organization was established in 1967 to create a global intellectual property system and to protect intellectual property around the global through cooperation between 186 member states.
WIPO established the WIPO Academy, whose main objective  is to provide courses and trainings in intellectual property and is specifically designed to cater to the need for a  broader and deeper knowledge of intellectual property.  

EPO -  
The European Patent Office, , which was established in 1977 is the executive body of the European Patent Organisation. The European Patent Office (“the EPO”) is in charge of the searching and examination of European patent applications and the granting of European patents.

The EPO conducts the filing of patent applications in 40 European states. 
The EPO provides professional courses in intellectual property intended for those who wish to deepen their knowledge of intellectual property.


The United States Patents and Trademarks Office is responsible for the registration of patents and trademarks. Being a branch of the federal government, the USPTO is also in charge of advising  the president in policy matters relating to intellectual property , its protection and commercialization.
The Global Intellectual Property, a part of the USPTO, provides  national and international programs on the protection and commercialization of intellectual property. 
SIPO - The State Intellectual Property of the People's Republic of China - 

JPO - The Japan Patent Office –  

KIPO - The Republic of Korean Intellectual Property Office -  


SPTO - The Spanish Patent and Trademark Office - 

For extensive information regarding the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office's functions click HERE.

ROSPATENT - The federal service for intellectual property, patents and trademarks -  

IPOS - The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore –  

IPO - The UK Intellectual Property Office –

CIPO - The Canadian Intellectual Property Office -  
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