Green applications

As part of the international effort to protect the environment, many patent offices have adopted policies encouraging the filing of patent applications for green inventions. Green applications are applications in which the invention described helps to improve the environment, inter alia, by preventing the causes of global warming, reducing air or water pollution, promoting nonpolluting agriculture, and those relating to alternative energy sources etc. The ILPO published a Circular (M.N. 76 of December 13th 2009) in which eligibility criteria was published for the expedition of the examination of a "green application". An application that meets the criteria of the Circular will be classified as a green invention and its examination shall start within 3 months of the classification date. 
It is possible to request "green" classification of an application which has already been filed  as a regular application and whose examination have not yet begun. There is no fee associated with this request. 
Procedure for submitting "green applications"
For details inquire with Dr. Ronen Lahav who is in charge of the submission of green applications.